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Master Course

Our 160-hour Masters Course is a blended learning program that has both classroom and online units. We understand it can be difficult to commit to a full time, or even part-time course, with other commitments and financial constraints. We wanted to offer a course that was available to everybody and so our 160-hour Masters Course was created.

With this course you are required to attend class for 2 full weekends (one at the beginning of the course and one at the end) with the rest of it being done online with full support of your tutor and a forum for you to connect with the other trainees.

The course will develop your knowledge and skills to teach English as a Foreign Language. You’ll develop your knowledge of the English language and how to teach it, you’ll look at assessing the needs of your learners, how to prepare lesson and material to use in the classroom, you’ll watch real life teachers in action and then use micro-teaching to help you put the theory into practice with an assessed teaching practical on your final weekend.

There are 8 mandatory units (Units 1 and 8 are in-class and units 2-7 are all done online so you can fit them around your other commitments).

The units are:

Unit 1: An introduction to TEFL, your expectations of the course plus meet and greet of other teachers, watch your tutor in action and your chance to teach a skills lesson (yep, we’ll get you teaching on your first weekend!)
Unit 2: Principles of English Language Teaching, Teaching Techniques and an introduction to lesson planning
Unit 3: Grammatical Awareness along with teaching grammar and vocabulary
Unit 4: Building a lesson plan: Using Games, Practice and Production (teaching aids)
Unit 5: Teaching receptive and productive skills: incorporating technology to develop these skills in the classroom
Unit 6: Learners and Learning (motivation, needs and classroom management): Guided Observations
Unit 7: Recycle and Review: End of Course Assessment and further reading
Unit 8: Assessed Teaching Practical and feedback and what happens next